• Health for everybody

    Our dental specialists also perform surgery. To find out more about the different medical … .

    Health for everybody
  • First day of class

    FAC has a firm commitment to education and believes medical students should leave the classroom and … .

    First day of class
  • Diagnosing tuberculosis

    One of the best mycobacteria laboratories of Ecuador. … .

    Diagnosing tuberculosis
  • Discovering our roots

    The group of traditional dances recreates Andean music and dance. … .

    Discovering our roots
  • Pevention

    Gradually FAC has created a culture of prevention in the neighbourhoods close to Alli Causai … .

  • Children first

    We have an ambition: to create healthy schools in rural areas and also in the city. … .

    Children first
  • Play to learn

    Our children have fun creating healthy environments. … .

    Play to learn
  • Where we are

    The  area of influence of FAC extends to the four provinces of the central Andes of Ecuador. … .

    Where we are
  • We are not alone

    FAC has the support of national and international agencies. … .

    We are not alone
  • Our home

    The headquarters of FAC is in Ambato, at the foot of Tungurahua volcano. … .

    Our home